Saturday, December 29, 2007

What Does The Public Think About Impeachment?

I wonder if the public decided if Bush and Cheney should be impeached if it would differ from Congressional opinion. Let's find out with a poll shall we? Do you believe these men may have committed misdemeanors or high crimes while in office? Remember impeachment is an investigation not a verdict.

Do you believe Cheney and/or Bush merit impeachment hearings?

Yes, their conduct is suspicious, look into it.

No, they are above suspicion and above the law.

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TemplarScribe said...

My $0.02, but I'd have preferred a more balanced pair of options:

"Yes, their actions suggest collusion, illegal activities and possible treason, and a hearing to determine wrongdoing should be launched."

Paired with:

"No, their actions appear to be in accord with the Constitution and the options available to their offices."

Not that anyone at this point who's even considered the impeachment issue would be swayed either way by a different set of questions, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

The tratior Bill Clinton who set the stage for this war and 9/11 got impeached and he still finished out his term with a selling of presidentail pardons for $450,000 brokered by the piece of s%^T wife brother.The damage that Clinton did was for his own gain unlike Bush, By the way if I was Bin Laden I would vote for Hillery

repukesmustdie said...

ya gotta luv these idots who still support these butt wipes in the w-house - and insanely blame clinton for this idiots failed presidency - jail em all and everyone who voted them in who still dumbly support these butt wipes - the damage they caused is beyond neasure - I pary there is a hell and beacuse these idiot pediophiles will end up there

Anonymous said...

NO one should be or is above the law.
valley springs, Ca