Friday, September 25, 2009

The Perimeter Of Anti-Luminescence (Or Something Similar)

America is waiting to be infromed!

Here Come The Warm Jets! Or Something Like them.

A salute to all of those fine groups of individuals...
All those who never fail to decrease the sum knowledge of mankind each time they open their mouths.

The contingent who have stopped to think and never started again.

Making the news...literally...

Those who stand for whatever baloney witless stooges will fall for.

One of the basic tenants upon which mankind pitches it's tent seems to be questionable.
For if indeed, ignorance is bliss why then are these people not smiling?

Creating Frankenstein Monsters and Such


Sci-fi movie fans know the script. The mad scientist creates a monster but they can't control the monster and inevitably the monster destroys them.

Leaders of the GOP are now confronting the monster they helped create. Teabaggers, deathers, birthers, or whatever they call themselves this week are a creation of Fox News and GOP think tanks who desire to stir up dissent against the Obama administration.

It was a risky bet, and one that Sci Fi movie fans would have known was a loser. Creating a clown act media circus that presented President Obama and his moderate agenda was somehow extremist and unpopular. But they miscalculated the general public's distaste for these angry fringe group's behaviors and more importantly they underestimated the fear and anger of those they stoked and couldn't imagine that angry monster they charged up with Van Der Graf Generators and theater lightning turning against them. Yet now it has.

By hyping mistrust of "the government" they seem to have forgotten that they as Republicans also are that government and bear responsibility for it's accused excesses and abuses as much as anyone else.

This week we saw staunch conservative Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) heckled, booed and called a traitor and a bum at a town hall in his home state of South Carolina. In his career Sen Graham has enjoyed the highest ratings among conservative activist groups and some of the lowest among groups like the ACLU. A military JAG officer and a close ally of the party's last presidential nominee now finds himself attacked as an enemy of the conservative movement.

It is irrational. But monsters have never been and may never be known to behave in a rational manner. Which is why rational people and responsible parties tend to avoid creating monsters in the first place.

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