Friday, October 14, 2011

The Worst Halloween Costumes Ever

Ughh! This is simply a WTF? costume. Strictly for the litter box.

National Buffoon's Worst Halloween Costumes EverYes, what child wouldn't want to be the leather guy in the Village least it is enclosed in plastic.
De' Pain Boss...De' Pain. Ugh.
No idea who or what this is but it appears to emerge dancing from a microwave oven.
Oh....nothing more frightening than Shirley from the bad TV show Laverne & Shirley.
What self respecting kid would want to be Gabe Kaplan?Vanilla Ice is sure to scare people...but really? Geesh. Not a big seller I bet.
I dunno, it's just creepy.
Father Murphy? Does it come with a molestable child?
Well the only thing worse than being a character on a bad TV show is being a character on an even worse spin off of that show. I bet a lot of these were sold.
Yeah...Chuck is pretty scary....the CIA? Really? C'mon. I admit that is pretty good cover...but this costume is pretty awful cover.
Ok, Robert Blake is a bit scary.... But I think you'd be laughed out of the haunted house showing up in this garbage.

Poopie Shorts...Two-Layer Butt Allows 'Diarrhea" to Flow without a Mess! Good up to 250 Lbs. Who would want to wear this? It's a step up from "Father Murphy" perhaps...but still. It's just gross.

We have absolutely no idea how you wear this thing. It looks like the costume is basically to wrap yourself in a crappy plastic baggie and then slide a rotten piece of rubber resembling a throbbing brain over your head. Nice...though it's better than the Hemorrhoids costume they marketed's not much better.

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Scott McLean said...

Those are funny costumes.