Thursday, October 31, 2013

By Pope Hilarious II
It's time for some very special Halloween albums folks!
Trick? No, these are treats for the most part.
(Ok...'Let Me Touch Him' is a trick)
But Awoooo!
Very Scary!
Happy Halloween!


...And by play they mean wank in the corner

yes..well Jim Morrison said it best.

Pipe organs are ALWAYS scary!

I Hope The Batman Theme is on here!

I didn't know John Boehner made an album!

Where did he go? Brighton? ...Disney World? . . .Maybe Haiti?

This is a new cocktail they serve at the Slug And Lettuce Bar.

Zither music is of course pure evil.

Yes...both of them.

This is the voice of said so itself!

Pen and ink no doubt!

How about if you are a vegetarian?

...misprint....should read 'and odor'.

One night of glove, as his hand was getting callouses from too much wanking.
That isn't even his house, he breaks into stranger's houses to pull his pud.

The Bill Of Rites.

She's hot. But someone lit 2 bags of dog poop on her doorstep on Halloween because she gave out toothbrushes instead of candy.

'Never gonna do it without the fez on"

Bob has a romantic tryst with Dick Cheney?

Primitive hot tub?

Mysticisms of why anyone would market such a thing...if their oracle worked, they'd have known they wouldn't sell enough albums to pay for the pressing.

Looks real to me.

It's not a record, but a fashion magazine for Pygmies.
I'm certain I saw those two on the subway last week.

If you need something subtle like dynamics, you aren't doing it right.

He just listened to that last album.

Whip it?
"Love Hurts"?
"Come Together"?
"She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes?
This could be quite good actually.

Clowns are scary as hell!


Usually in urns or coffins, but they sometimes are seen in congressional committees.
Run Kids!

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