Friday, November 20, 2015

Town Adapts Preemptive Strategy In Christmas Warfare

New preemptive strategy in the War On Chrismas.
Breaking News - Nov. 20, Gump, Pa.
Rube Gawby
By Rube Gawby - National Buffoon Field Reporter

Last year, the good people of Gump, Pennsylvania were justifiably outraged when the ACLU threatened them with legal action after they had denied the Church of Satan's request to place a display on their Municipal Building next to their Christmas nativity display.  Reluctantly the Satanic display was permitted. (See photo below) Knowing full well the Satanists would expect to erect another display this year, a Christian Action group, The Gump Adventist Society (G.A.S.) decided they would not simply sit idle on the sidelines this year while their religious holiday was attacked. I spoke to the leader of  G.A.S., Mr. Wally Duffer who said of their new strategy "Well, we heard this Church of Satan group doesn't actually even think Satan is real, they were just doing this to mock our sacred traditions! That got me and my huntin' pal Yerks Yonner pretty damned upset. I mean it's bad enough to choose to worship Satan, but no one at all?  That's just UN-American!"
He continued "So me and Yerks enlisted some guys and gals from the Pentecostal Bowling League to come up with a way to defeat these commie atheists".

      "We figured the best way to fight fire was with fire. If they were going to mock our Nativity, we would erect a mockery of theirs. Yes, that's it! A mockery of a mockery! Brilliant. So we had a few beers at Joe's and went down to City Hall and built this 'ACLU Solstice Barn' to mock those mockers!"  "That'll teach 'em" added Ferd Skiffle with a particularly satisfied expression on his face. He is the groups director of recreation.

With Christmas just around the corner, there was no time to lose in getting the "Solstice Barn" erected. Work was completed in a few short days .
The Temple of Satan had no comment.

The folks in Gump were less than pleased with the holiday greeting erected at their City Hall last year.
The display depicted an angel descending into flames.

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