Thursday, October 29, 2015

CNBC Republican Debate Summary

Colorado - Republicans held yet another debate to annoy and anger the citizens last night.
To sum it up, they all agreed being nasty and ego-maniacal was generally the approach to all questions. Of course essentially they all agree that big tax cuts for themselves and their wealthiest donors are the most important issues, merely bickering about how best to dupe the patsies, er...I mean voters into believing this despite 50 years of evidence that funneling capital to the wealthy has no positive effect whatsoever on the fact the evidence is contrary. But this is a Republican debate so evidence and logic are certainly not the coin of the realm.

   The candidates argued over how best to destroy social security and medicare (the only government programs most people actually like). Who to blame it on. And which half-baked tax scheme would achieve giving themselves tax breaks best. Despite his bombastic remarks, Donald Trump frankly is the most honest among them, he doesn't try to hide his lunacy and he's straight forward about simply cutting out the middleman. I mean should a 1%er like himself have to even bother buying off politicians?  Why not just take the top dog job and rob the treasury yourself without all these sycophants and clerks getting their cut?

It was nice to note someone pointed out that Carly Fiorina was fired because she sucked at running  HP, and that was not "business experience" that looked good on any resume. Huckster acted angry about something or other as did the rest of the assclowns...except Ben Carson who merely dozed through the whole event, mumbling something about bringing back slavery and prohibition in his sleep. If you had the good sense to skip this complete waste of time and watch the world series instead you win! Kudos!

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