Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What If Fox News Were On The Air In The Past?

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National Buffoon asks what if Rupert Murdoch were able to make a time machine out of an abandoned Bob's Big Boy restaurant? If the news network had been on the air in the past,
how might these giants of the broadcasting industry handled these top stories?
Let's have a look shall we?

The Titanic

The Invasion Of Troy
This just in, we've learned the Greeks are in fact
hiding inside the horse, and will be attempting to
infiltrate the city of troy after nightfall...

Civil Rights

The Civil War

The Great Depression
Only lazy bums would question President Hoovers economic policy.
Prosperity is just around the corner I tell ya'.
The Nazi's are your friends.
Poland wants to be invaded, really.
I am not a brainwashed parrot of the robber barons.
And there definitely isn't a gerbil in my shorts.

The Crucifiction

The Big Bang

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Zea said...

You write very well.