Friday, November 12, 2010

You can't win the War on Christmas if you don't win the Battle of Thanksgiving.

The holiday wars are in full swing friends. I was simply going about my day to day activities until I saw (thankfully) this bit of wingnut scribbles over on the site for unhinged mental defectives known as "newsbusters"... it's penned by one of the site's leading imbeciles, and clearly demonstrates the extent to which some drool eschewing lunatics will go to "expose" the secular human's war on Supply Side Jesus and his sacred holidays. (Here's a link to the article.)
Newsbusters' Carolyn Plocher is very upset that network morning shows have offered tips on how to avoid excessive Thanksgiving calorie consumption! This is obviously a communist/atheist/"librul" plot to undermine the baby Jesus, America, and decency in general.
In the past week, from Nov. 18-24, five network stories have bashed traditional Thanksgiving food because it's not "healthy." With the nation in a recession and the unemployment rate soaring, the "librul" media want Americans to worry about their health too. Each of the networks offered tips on how to avoid the "most gut-busting holiday of the year," as Harry Smith of CBS's "Early Show" put it. SCANDALOUS!

After looking at the videos of the various town halls, tea bagger and Fox Noose sponsored hate events, I'd say whatever efforts the media are making to keep folks from eating too much aren't picking up much traction. After all girth is next to godliness.

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