Thursday, January 10, 2013

Know Your Tea Party Douche Bags

OLYMPIA, Washington -- The newly elected Republican legislators-enough to keep control of the House of Reprehensibles--have arrived at the capital in Washington....the state of Washington,
raising the possibility that the House in D.C. will be in Democratic hands.

The wave of clueless douche bags
supported by the Tea Party movement,
arrived in Olympia by bus,  unaware that it is a state capital
rather than the national one.
Their constituents would be disappointed figuring
 that they knew the capitol is on the east side of the country...
We say "would be disappointed"
if they weren't low functioning invertebrates
incapable of any response beyond fear & anger
As their meager neural net is primarily occupied
entirely by the strain of using flagella and cilia
for locomotion.
The Washington state legislature was in session 
when the buffoons arrived but was not
disposed to let the out-of-staters participate.

Marco Rubio, the Senator from America's wang, Florida;
demanded the mining of cheese on the moon begin at once.

He was disappointed to find that the subject
was nowhere on the agenda in Olympia.
"I presume the bill is originating over in the House then," he said.

Who Are These Tea Baggers
And What The Hell Do They Want?

The movement has no national platform,
 but local chapters spend hours assembling statements of positions, 
which may or may not include the following planks:
  • Shouting down people in wheelchairs at town halls
  • Impeaching the President for no apparent reason
  • Keeping "Gubbermint" socialism out of their Social Security checks
  • Generally mucking up stuff so it can't work
  • Immediate implementation of nursery school level concepts of economics
  • All types of inane absurdity outweighing veridical reality

Tea Party platforms often coincide with things that Republicans say,
before they actually get elected and find more lucrative rackets.

Being officially unorganized and local,
the Tea Party has no national spokespersons
--only persons who want to ride it for political advantage.
If the movement were to acquire a national spokesperson,
it would have to be someone who, like themselves,
was a demonstrable moron
on questions of geography,
history, current events, and civics.
The leader would have to proudly be disconnected from, and uninterested, in all institutions of culture and higher learning.

So in summation what we have here is a movement of obese low income white people
who attend anti-government rallies on motorized mobility scooters—
with big wire baskets full of Ho hos—
  payed for by the very same government that they see as the source of all their problems.
  There is no  irony deficiency there!

Teabag Memorial In Boston
The other things Tea Partiers share in common are
gullibility, Fox News, lack of sophistication;
but nothing more telling than their willingness to believe all right-wing propaganda
even at the expense of their own self interest. 

This isn’t news, of course,
but what is news is the fact that Tea Party skooter trash
actually entertains the notion they can "take government back"
with their “second amendment remedies”;
that is to say, using their guns and their mobility skooters,
they will some day storm the nation’s capital
and after a bloody skirmish, wrest control of government
from the hands of the United States military.
The sheer lunacy of their collective failure
to think such moronic scenarios through
has brought us an electoral slate of national candidates
so uniquely unqualified to hold office that it has,
more than any other single factor,
brought home just how important it is
to have an educated and well informed electorate.
Normal Americans would like to think
such craziness is restricted to the far fringes of American society,
but that was before Fox News became an unmitigated 24-7 propaganda tool
of a few billionaire plutocrats. 
And what of these tea bag candidates?
They are no different from the last lot of  Republicans.
Once they get in there, they will tow the line for the rich
and leave the people that put them into office
waving their idiotic signs in the street till no one cares any more.
As of now, any Americans found sitting out an election on the sidelines
(such as the coming midterm elections),
deserves to be run over and crushed to death by some morbidly obese tea bagger on a mobility scooter.  May we all learn from their stupid sacrifice!

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