Thursday, June 6, 2013


{The\ Republican\ Party}, is also known affectionately as the God/Guns & Oil Party (GOP). It is a division of Halliburton and a subsidiary of the Federalist Society Of Major Dickheads , formerly known as the Federal Government of the United States. Its main function is to boost the sales of Chinese made flag lapel pins and magnets. As of 2007, despite receiving a good ol' Texas 'thumpin' it is one of the largest misanthropic organizations in the world. Well known for its Ultra-Orthodox Fascist practice of plutocratic centrism, in which no party member is allowed to disagree with the central organization for any reason. In fact I knew a guy who tried to disagree once. They later found his dead body floating in the Potomac River. His corpse displayed signs of torture and wild violation. This causes Republicans great stress and results in bi-weekly mass Republican orgies in public toilets in Washington, DC.and elsewhere.


Rockefeller Republicans

An endangered species. These guys are the ones that are slowly being killed off by sectarian death squads. They are mostly well-educated and wealthy suburbanites and are quite moderate, a lot of them are even pro-choice and pro-gay. Some of them are very, very pro-gay. These guys were in power before Pat Robertson started to making bizzare clicks and grunts that awoke hordes of  brain eating zombies. Currently, they are in fact listed as an "Endangered Species" by the Endangered Species Act due to hunting by radical clerics and population reduction due to loss of habitat due to their own economic policies. Many of members of this sub-species live in Log Cabins.

A new study shows current members of Congress speak at a 10th grade level.
When reached for comment, Congressman Eric Cantor said, “Nuh-uh!”

Republican Republicans

A sub-species that dominates the modern republican party. Their natural range is the Bible Belt and mosquito infested swamps. They are sometimes confused with zombies on election day as any resident of a town of less than 100,000 people and that is more than 300 miles inland would say. However, this strain of zombieism is different than any others as its members/hosts are still metabolically active and reproduce.  Because of the emerging overpopulation of zombies attributed to this, a new, compassionate campaign of "spay and neuter your fundy" has begun. Also, the common mink has been introduced to act as predators in areas just outside of these creatures' home range, such as Colorado and Ohio. This strategy of zombie management has sustained some success in the last year or so. In fact, wildlife experts are becoming cautiously optimistic that this vermin species can be contained.

Tea Party Republicans
The dirty, ugly, fat and inbred white trash. Predominantly NRA members who drink in excess and wear white sheets. Usually they live in old trailer parks or run down shacks. Favorite foods include "Turducken" and "Chicken Fried Bacon". All suffer from  morbid obesity and love to chug gravy. Hobbies also inlucde: banjo playing, watching NASCAR, and incest.

Republican Convention

Tree Chopper Republicans Also known as "tree kicker republicans". These guys are the antithesis to tree huggers and have a clinical hatred of nearly every tree species known to man. If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it fall, most likely it's because a republican is quietly leveling a forest in order to build another shopping mall. In their spare time they start forest fires.


The Republican Party was founded by Your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, well-known for His free-market  pro-gun, anti-abortion (so you can shoot the sheriff when he comes and arrests you for abortion), anti-tax, anti-poor, & anti-Liberal stance. He once said the poor are fat and lazy bastards that are only alive because Democrats steal Republicans money to "give" to the lazy workers, middle class spud heads & stinky poor".

Glory Days

The Republicans  took  control of the Roman Empire, which led to a  unprecedented decline and decay.
The Log Cabin Faction became the leaders and the Roman Empire was eventually destroyed while they were busy fiddling with their logs.

Born Again

In the early 1900s, George Washington re-established Republican values by drive-by shooting Queen Victoria and her son Jack the Ripper. Americans have been ruled by fear ever since. except for 8 years when Bill Clinton terrorized the bible belt with his blatant heterosexuality.

The Seal Of The Republican Party (before the teabaggers).


Republicans are very loyal to their own of any political party members.  Even if you raped over 9000 boys, you would still be applauded by the National Committee for your bravery and patriotism. Also Republicans do not believe in science, truth, psychology, gravity, common sense, and free will, unlike their radical commie counter parts the Democrats. Republican daily life revolves around the office and church. The average Republican will usually wake up at six in the morning & spend the day yelling at servants while constantly abusing Mexicans, teenagers and middle class folks who have an education.  After a hard day of yelling, shiting on the floor,  demanding servants clean it up, and eating, the republican packs up the children and goes to church. At church, the Republican speaks in tongues, shaves its pubes and handles snakes while the children are taught to forget everything they learned in science class. At church they also take part in occultist rituals and human sacrifice. They often repeat this for 6 days a week, except for Saturday after church, when the "coon-hunting" occurs.

  • Lower education standards.
  • Lower taxes AND raise deficit spending.
  • Scare the hell out of people so they condone Endless War.
  • Dump the American greenback currency in favor of condor gonads and manatee hides.
  • Increasing government spending to fund a wasteful military-industrial complex and give welfare to greedy corporations.
  • Preach about God
  • Erect  monuments to dumb-ass's like  Bill O'Reilly.
  • Faith based initiatives..."What would Satan do?"
    Sean Hannity exaggerates the size of his penis

    The GOP Seal (after the teabaggers)

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