Sunday, November 27, 2011

Worst Christmas Cards

Tis the season...
for depression and suicide.
Have your friends robo-call  a hotline and tie up their lines just for yuks! Ask them how you cook a turkey.
By National Buffoon Editor Ben New

Some cards are "professionally" devised and some are not.
This first one is nominated for the sweater shirt combo. Awful! 

Is he tweaking her nips?
 This must be the fellow in our first photo who was  hanging around
...this photo obviously had been taken earlier in the day of course.
The dollar store inflatable Santa adds a touch of class

 Oh Yes!
...and keep Odin In Solstice as well.
"Chicks really dig me"

Of Course what would the holidays be without rednecks  taking pictures of their kids in front of the tree with assault rifles and sub machine guns. They forgot the malt liquor I guess.
We"re leaving Santa a beer and a Slim Jim Xmas eve!

Jimmy, your mom called. She wants her sweater back.

Blechh, come on you can't be serious.
The sweaters are bad enough but the damned vest is a blasphemy. Still the clothes are not really the problem are they?

Phil here is certainly festive...Mom must be proud. 
She'll be even prouder if you move out of her basement though.
Family and friends surely were delighted when this photo card was delivered with postage due.

 This is actually a fine card and really very very traditional.
Santa taking time out for an orgy? It IS Saturnalia I suppose.
The pause that refreshes!
Ho...Ho...and another Ho!

 The guy in the back is dozing.
I'm sure they get a group discount from their therapist

 These kids will surely become serial killers...and who can blame them really?
Which one would you kick in the ass first? Decisions, decisions...

Mom would have been in the picture but she had to run to the store.
Her subscription to Soldier Of Fortune magazine ran out.
You just know they really think those scarves are cool.If Santa noticed these guys in his toy shop, he'd fumigate the place.

Better to give than to receive.
The dog seeks revenge. His owners had dressed him up in a bad holiday sweater and antlers for a holiday card photo.
A team? They are missing the hole.

 Yeah, a man who thinks he's his pet's father is shooting blanks...this would explain the smile on his wife's know she's getting some on the side.
Advice for the dog....RUN!!!!!

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Raymond Guy said...

A 'Mary Christmas' ... Is that childbirth @ age 15-16 in a garage?