Monday, December 19, 2011

Still More Of The Worst Xmas Card Photos Ever!!!

Ok now this makes the snow on the outside windowsill look warm and inviting!
This sort of foreshadows that whole Emo thing doesn't it?
All they need is some black lipstick.
Maybe Santa will bring them some.
I think the plants liven up the shot.
 Well here's another poster family for Prozac.
Pop has found the pattern in the area rug remarkably fascinating.
The kid in the middle is strangling a dachshund.
While the kid on the end is hyp-mo-tized!
Is that an oven used for cremation where they are sitting?
 What does the civil war, the south sea islands, and hot dogs have in common?
No, seriously, what does the civil war, the south sea islands, and hot dogs have in common?

 Why would anyone want a picture of themselves with some guy in a bloody apron?
Why would they send it in a greeting card?
According to the site I found this on, the kid & mom were at a Civil War re-enactment.
The importance of not being seen?
These people hatched from those shrubs!


 Um...the point of a phony backdrop is make it appear as if your actually there.
I think the concept was lost on these folks.

 These kids had to have grown up to be serial killers.
Oh, the humanity!

 The standards at Buckingham Palace have gone way down.
Damn, that's awful.
 He is “the most interesting geriatric in world.”
A good suit and tie should last 10 years….
Who is this guy? This is hilarious.

Keep Fest in Festivus.
Well they couldn't afford a cheesy angel treetopper this year
so little johnny here will be getting a tree up his butt shortly. 

 I guess "Don" had the good sense to be the one taking the picture as opposed to being in it.
Another advertisement for anti-depressants.
 There is no excuse for this!

The only one not closing their eyes appears to simply be some guy who just wandered into the photo.

 The kid on the left is the only one with decency.

 Putting the dis in dysfunctional!
More Prozac please.
 Deter there has a public access dance show in Germany.
 You just know they are listening to achy breaky heart...

 How do we loathe this photo? Let us count the ways.
The monkey committed suicide shortly after the photo shoot.

 Oh great, a goth xmas...may your days be dreary and black!
And may all your prescriptions be Prozac...
Santa committed suicide shortly after this.
 Yes,it's the Johnson's again...wish they'd stop sending us those cards.

 Bad AND creepy!
No...there is another. Let's hope as stupid, she is not.
Never underestimate the powers of the dark side. Or Regis Philbin.
 Ever since the economic meltdown, it's cheaper to hire foreigners
to decorate rather than buy a tree.

 Well there is some truth in advertising.
Anyone who would wear that tee shirt is a huge tool.


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UncleMeat said...

Does that guy's shirt actually say DANGER GIANT PENIS? How Christmassy.