Monday, December 17, 2012

World's Best Worst Children's Books!

By National Buffoon Literature Editor,
  Dr. Jim Pansey)

   A Quick list
of the greatest
Children's Books
ever written.

 A dysfunctional favorite!
Pick one up for a fiend as well as yourself!

Comes with recipes for date rape drugs!

Teach the kids about the wonders of being a nasty bully!

Learn about the inevitability of death.

 The mystery of the STDs.

In chapter 10 he gets rolled, sucker punched and left in a ditch.

 This one is a howler!
Rover will love it!

 Introduce the youngsters to the wonders of alcoholism!

 Yes, well hey...times are tough in this economy.

 Introduce the kids to the wonders of nature...and poison ivy!

 Come along on Stabby's killing spree!

 A perennial favorite!

...And soils himself !

 This was originally published as "Killing Christmas" by Bill O Reilly
But now sold repackaged with art ripped off from Dr. Seuss for the kids!

 Introduce the kids to watery death!
Fun for all ages!
  Real life problem solving!

 By Stanley Kubrick!
His only children's book!
 Breast augmentation for toddlers!

 Start the little sadists off on the right foot!

 Sooner or later kids, you're going to need this book.

 Fun and instructional!

 Hint---no that isn't Disneyland kids.
Now dig!

 From the Penn State library to yours!

Big seller at the Vatican!

 ...she'll put out one of it's eyes.

Of course she does.

 That's right kids
not only is there no Santa.
But if there is a God, (and there likely isn't) he hates you and wants you to suffer. LOL!

 Incompetent boob Sarah Palin scribbles some nonsense.
Can be used as toilet paper.
 Explore the wonders of substance abuse with the Berenstain Bears!

 The wonders of various intestinal illnesses from eating green meats and moldy eggs!

Fun with flatulence!

Teach the kids about numerous bacterial infections caused by ingesting fecal matter.

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